Tips to Keep in Mind While Driving a Wedding Car

Driving a wedding car is a huge responsibility. You’re bringing the bride to the venue of the wedding. Therefore, you should be in your best shape while driving. Otherwise, something bad might happen and cause a delay. If you think you can’t handle this responsibility, you can ask someone else to do it. However, if you feel confident that you can drive well, these tips are worth remembering.

Don’t hurry

There’s no need to rush heading to the wedding venue. You have to be careful since the most important person of the day is your passenger. You should also consider how nervous the bride is. You don’t want to worsen things by driving recklessly. To ensure that you won’t have to rush, inform the bride to be ready at the agreed time. Determine the time it takes to arrive at the venue and tell the bride not to be late. It takes a while to prepare, especially with the hair and makeup, so you need to agree the pick-up time.

Plan the right route

It also helps if you determine the best route to the wedding venue. You don’t want to choose a road where traffic gets heavy. Look for an alternate route where it’s easier for you to arrive at the venue, as long as it’s not a difficult route for driving.

Make sure you’re familiar with the car

Not all cars are the same. You might have to know how the vehicle works before using it. If you’re only a designated driver, and the car isn’t yours, you should check it before the big day. You also have to determine if there are repair issues you have to deal with. You don’t want the car breaking down on the wedding day because you failed to check it. Since you got asked to do the job, you have to prepare for it.

You also need to bring the repair tools, so you can fix the problem if something happens. Don’t forget to prepare a backup vehicle if you can’t make it due to the malfunction. You can call a towing Lake Worth company to take the car away and transfer to the backup vehicle. You will still have time to arrive at the venue and not be late.

Be ready to calm your passenger down

Heading to the wedding venue is one of the most difficult parts of getting married. It’s also the reason why there are brides who don’t show up. They feel extremely nervous and don’t know how to handle their emotions. Make sure that you have the right words to say at that time. Prepare the music too. Don’t assume that the bride wants soothing music. Some of them want a different genre to help them feel relaxed.

The bride is always right

You should prepare for whatever demands the bride has on the way to the venue. If you get asked to pause for a while, you should pull over. Avoid arguing with the bride over any crazy demands.


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