Things to Consider After Receiving PCS Order from Military Base for Relocation

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season means too many boxes for packing and moving trucks. It also means stress, organizing, and planning. Frequent moves are the worst part of a military family’s life.  However, the advantage of frequent moves is that families can see different corners of the country and sometimes different corners of the world.

If you have received a PCS notice and you have to move quickly, you can take Ship a Car, Inc. transportation services to get your vehicle moved to any location in the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. They have relocated more than 35,000 vehicles of different sizes and types which includes RV, canoe, Golf cart, Jet Ski, boat, truck, auto, etc.  Military member and their families have been their loyal customers for years. They provide door to door and base to base military auto shipping services.

All the moving is a laborious activity but the prospect of receiving PCS orders is one that many US Army members accept with enthusiasm.  PCS orders open doors to serve new locations. It allows US Army members to explore new surroundings and make the most of new opportunities. Millions of service members receive PCS annually.

So, it is a part of their military career which all of the family members have to accept.

What Military Member Does When Receiving PCS Orders?

  • A military officer can receive PCS at any point in time. There are chances that they might have to relocate within two weeks or a month. Therefore, military officers must be prepared if they get an idea that they will be receiving PCS pretty soon.
  • Talk to the installation transportation office as early as possible to know the details about moving options and make arrangements accordingly. It also helps you decide if you would like to take non-military moving services and later reimburse or government-sourced installation transportation of service.
  • Moving to any location is expensive, thus it is wise to talk to the finance office to know your financial options. The government provides certain relocation benefits to US Army officers which can help a lot.
  • Reach out to the family center at your new station who will provide you with all the assistance programs and give you details about the schools, colleges, and everything nearby which can make your relocation quite easier.
  • If you are staying in a rented accommodation in the base or outside the base, you need to inform the housing office or your landlord. Notify them of the date when you will be vacating and clear all dues beforehand.
  • If you are a homeowner who has bought a house with a VA loan you can either sell the home and nullify the existing VA loan, sell the home along with transferring the existing VA loan mortgage to the buyer, keep the home as a second home or retirement property, or use the home as a rental property and pay off the mortgage with the rent you receive.

Military officers can hire non-military moving services and get reimbursement from the government or they can use government-sourced contractors and get it done immediately. In both cases, the entire family has to undergo changes and hassle.

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