Enjoy your retirement Life at its fullest

At this present era, many people above 60 years of age choose for a retirement community living as they can gain friends’ circle, and everything will be taken care of by the community management. You can lead a very happy and peaceful life after retirement as you had already spent most of your life earning and running. You are free to do your desired activities but under the caring hands of management people.

The Taigum retirement village community houses are the very comfortable retirement villages Brisbane Southside, which are north facing. The reason for the north-facing village is during summer, you can feel the cool breeze, and during winter you can enjoy the warm breeze. The villas come in a single bedroom, master bedroom along with an additional two small rooms to accommodate your friends and family. The ambiance of this north-facing village and its infrastructure attracts more people to this Taigum retirement village.

Lifestyle and facility

The goal of every person is to keep your body fit and take care of your health. The retirement villas also focus on this concept and hence offered many facilities that help the retirement people to stay fit and healthy. The following are the facilities offered by the village:


The retirement community offers a gym with various fitness level equipment like cycling, running, weights, and rowing.

Pet Park

The retirement homes also offer senior citizens to grow pets, and they have specialized pet parks to play with their furry friends.

Swimming pool

The retirement homes also have a swimming pool for every lane. The swimming pools contain Luke water that acts like an energizing factor for the retirees. They can also perform aqua aerobics in the swimming pool.

Bowling green

The green play area is the most attractive feature where they can play, run, roll and play golf, baseballs, etc. It is not only for playing.  They can also sit there and watch others or do meditation or anything they wish.


The Taigum retirement village community also has a BBQ area where they can spend time with their family members and friends. The BBQ area is located outside of the community corridor.


The Taigum retirement village community also has a cinema theatre, where the people can bring popcorns, sweet corns and enjoy the latest movies, short films and other special events on the big screen, with peace and harmony.


The retirement community has the best café that serves delicious sweets with limited sweet content, healthy foods, beverages, freshly brewed coffee, and tea. This center will be open 24*7 as people of this age prefer drinking some hot beverages due to age factor.


The most cherished facility by senior citizens inthe library. The library is comprised of plenty of books, novels, magazines in all languages and puzzles. The library has comfortable chairs and tables along with restroom facilities as some people wish to spend most of the time in reading. You can also take books to your home and return on a specified date.

So, the retirement community houses definitely will make your retirement living style like heaven by maintaining the well being of your physical as well as mental health.

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