Gravity Fed Charcoal Grill – A Top-Selling Product at The Retail Store of Bbqs 2u

BBQs 2u proudly sells the Gravity series by Masterbuilt and is very popular for being an all-rounder appliance that can fulfill all the grilling and roasting needs in just a single piece of equipment. When they started their small family business, they were selling only a few grill models to ensure that charcoal cooking remains in trend and preserve its traditional value.

Their passion led them to become the leading retailer of all high-quality grills, barbeques, and accessories in the UK now. Their motto is to reach as many citizens in the UK with their advanced technology that allows everyone to cook charcoal grill food easily and without having to deal with a smoky mess.

BBQs 2u also sell awesome accessories that can up the grilling game even if someone is just a beginner at using a barbeque grill for cooking. Along with these accessories, the spices, rubs, and sauces sold by them provide for an amazing marinade base for resting chicken and other meats before searing or roasting them.

The construction of almost all Kamado Joe UK grills is highly sturdy and durable to last harsh weather year after year when kept in the outdoor gardens or backyards. The latest Hyperbolic smoke insert technology delivers the best smoke circulation around the food that is being cooked, thus, providing juicy delicious roasts after every cook.

Every year, advancements are being made and innovations are brought in the engineering of Napoleon grills which is evident in the product line of BBQs 2u at their websites and offline stores. The masterful designing of these products is done in a way that the needs of every family, small or large get fulfilled by choosing the right set of grills for their backyards.

One of the most popular products sold recently at their stores is the Gravity Fed 800 charcoal griddle. It has the traditional type of grates for that authentic feel and taste of charcoal grilling. It is also provided with a digital fan to keep a steady temperature. The digital fan reduces the need of hand-working the charcoal to keep the heating temperatures constant in the absence of which the food gets unevenly cooked or even tastes burned at times.

Customers can make use of MasterBuilt 800 Black Friday Sale to get this product at an amazingly discounted price from the BBQs 2u website. They can also keep looking for bundle offers to get freebies like charcoal lumps and top griddle free with their purchase. With the Gravity 800 series grill, a 10 hour cooking time can be achieved simultaneously before it runs out of fuel.

The temperature of the griddle reaches a whooping 700 degrees within 14 minutes, which is ideal for searing meats and its heat control panel can be used to control temperatures when slow roasting is required.

To understand the functioning of this unique griddle sold by BBQs 2u, one can follow various informational videos uploaded by the team of BBQs 2u on their YouTube channel. Their channel is also a great platform to learn more about charcoal grilling if anyone has never used this form of cooking ever in their life.

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