Tips for organizing corporate christmas function

All companies have an annual dinner that takes place during the holidays. Organizing a corporate Christmas event is difficult; it needs proper planning and attention to detail. If you are about to organize an annual dinner party for your office, then you must keep a few things in mind.

Here is how you can organize the corporate christmas functions for your office. Baroqhouse provides a stellar venue for Christmas parties for formal events. It is lavish, and a happening place to have the annual bash of your company. But before you go ahead and book the venue, here are a few tips to help you out to organize the event.

Plan the event thoroughly

Planning is vital when organizing an official event. You can’t risk your position. Plan the theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food, and you can also decide on the liquor. It is necessary to get the basics straight, before jumping into the practical things. List out the possible themes that would suit this year’s annual event, a venue that would suit your company’s taste. No detail must be left out.

When to hold the event?

The time and date to hold the event are mostly decided by the head of the company, on the recommendation of the HR department. There is a new trend for lunch hour annual parties in companies. It is growing popular because employees don’t have to spend much time after work at the office or the party. Moreover, it is an inexpensive way to hold an annual party.

 If you have the liberty to spend more on the annual Christmas party, then go ahead and book a place for Friday evening. But if you are short on budget and want to have an evening event, then plan the event on a Monday or Sunday. There is less rush during those days, and the price is also low.

Off-season party is a new idea

Rather than hosting the party in the prime season when all the venues are booked, it is good to plan an annual dinner party in the off season. Off-season party means you can have the party during October, November or even January. Booking venues in these months are cheap, and it will cut down the costs of the party as well.

What to serve?

Other than the venue, the food is a significant part of the budget. One must decide what to serve on the plates. To be honest, a plated meal is less expensive than a buffet. It looks more elegant and classy.

Decide on a menu that suits your office party theme. You must also put a limit on alcohol consumption. Serving cocktails and wine is better than all-out serving booze.

Planning a Christmas party for the office is a huge responsibility. But if you have the liberty to host a swanky event, the go for Baroqhouse that hosts lavish Christmas parties. Make your Christmas party, an employee appreciation party as well, and see how that motivates them.

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