Berkshire: A Perfect Location for Young Professionals To Settle Down

The county of Berkshire offers everything one can ask for. There are picturesque villages, vibrant cities, and historic market towns. In simple words, the county located just 40 minutes away from London is a pretty ideal place to settle, especially for young professionals.

Besides, there are good job opportunities as well. For instance, even the Berkshire mall is hiring. So, if you are looking forward to start a fresh life, here are a few reasons why you must consider Berkshire.

Why are young professionals settling in Berkshire?

Berkshire offers an opportunity to live a calmer life. Now, this is not something which only individuals nearing their retirement prefer. In fact, many young professionals in their late 20s and mid 30s desire such settled and peaceful life. After all, they are looking forward to start a family, and Berkshire offers them great opportunities for this.

  • It provides a change of pace: Instead of living a 24×7 hectic life, some Londoners prefer a quieter life. For this, they need to move away from London, and thus Berkshire towns seem perfect.
  • Better options and prices: House prices are lower in Berkshire compared to London. So, if you desire a bigger space, you can easily afford it in Berkshire.
  • Easy transportation: This is one of the main reasons why young professionals are attracted towards Berkshire. The transport network of Berkshire is improving day by day. In fact, it is quiet easy to connect to London. For instance, if you settle down in Reading, you can get to London in less than 30 minutes. This means, you can still have your old job.
  • The nightlife: Certainly, London has many places to go, but don’t you think all of them are overcrowded like all the time? Yes, of course there are. Now, even though Berkshire has limited options, you can expect to have a decent night out. You can walk from one place to another, drink, dance, indulge in some great cuisines, and still end up saving some money.

  • Shopping areas: Shopping is a lot more manageable in Berkshire compared to London. You can expect to get almost anything, without facing the crushing crowd of Oxford Street. Besides, you can get fresh produces from the farmers’ market for your everyday cooking supplies.

Over the years, Berkshire has earned a lot of popularity as a soothing tourist attraction. However, now it is preferred a lot for settling down. If you wish to live a relaxed life with your family, Berkshire is definitely the right choice.

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