Top 5 Common Rules And Etiquettes Of Strip Clubs

If you are a regular at strip clubs, you know how strict these establishments are concerning their rules. However, if you are a newbie, understanding some norms will help you enjoy better. Then again, keep in mind that different clubs have different rules, and thus inquiring about them upon entering is the best idea.

Some basic Rules And Etiquettes of strip clubs

  1. Respect the dancers

You must enter a strip club with a liberal attitude. The girls there are working very hard to make a living, and the last thing they want is their customers to judge and insult them. Some of these girls are students, and in need of extra money to support their careers. You will be surprised to know that many famous former strippers are designers, engineers, and even doctors today.

  1. Wear a deodorant

Don’t expect to get special attention from dancers while you are looking and smelling like garbage. If you plan on buying a lap dance, make sure you smell good to make the stripper enjoy her time with you.

  1. Don’t try to have sex

Just because a girl is working at a strip club, it doesn’t mean she is available for sex. Most of the ladies working at strip clubs are just dancers, and they don’t have sex for money. So, while you are there, enjoy the show, and avoid asking for sex.

  1. Don’t come in your pants

This is very normal and happens a lot during private lap dances. If you think you won’t be able to control it, we recommend you go to the men’s room and wear a condom. However, if it’s too late to do that, at least inform your dancer. Give her a warning sign, so she doesn’t sit on it.

  1. Be a good customer

You can be all nice and sweet with the girls, but don’t be creepy. Mind your words when you are complimenting them. They understand that you are horny and tipsy, but that doesn’t mean you get a license of using abusive language. In simple words, avoid saying things like ‘how hard and fast you want to fuck her all night long’…

It is fine to make a connection with a stripper. After all, a one-hour long private session is not just about dancing then there will be a lot of talking too. However, just keep in mind that there are some etiquette expected from you, and if you don’t follow them, you will definitely regret.

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