Which Language Is More Demanding- Java Or C?

Programming is one of the most demanding skills today in the IT sector. The entire tech industry takes assistance from programmers to build gadgets, apps, games, and so on.

You must learn a programming language nowadays for a successful career. A person can learn many programming languages regardless of their age. It is possible to start today with the programming language of your choice.

Java programming and C are highly popular programming languages. These are still in use by various industries including health, social security, education, and many others. However, when it comes to being acclaimed, C is beating Java programming.

Introduction to Java language:

Java belongs to one of the popular cross-platform programming languages. It was created by Sun Microsystems and the initiative was taken by James Gosling. In 1995, it was released officially.

Softwares built with Java are compatible with everything from a laptop to computers. This makes Java a highly used programming language. It is widely used in the banking, retail, IT, Big data, scientific, and research industry. If you are planning to learn Java, this is going to benefit you for a long time. You can step up into the programming world by learning Java. The latest version of Java being used by the programmers in the world is JAVA SE 15.

Features of Java language:

  • Simple
  • Platform independent
  • Object-Oriented & class-based
  • Portable
  • Secured
  • Robust
  • Multithreaded & Interpreted
  • Dynamic

Introduction to C language:

C is a general-purpose simple and machine-dependent programming language. When you learn C programming, learning other programming languages become easier. It was created and developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie between 1972 and 1973. The languages earned attention in 1980 but it was mainly built as a system programming language for writing an operating system. C has a wider application in the operating system and an embedded system.

Features of C language:

  • Procedural language
  • Simple and fast
  • Machine Independent
  • Library with rich inbuilt functions
  • Extensible
  • Variety of datatypes

What C Is Being Demanded The Most?

According to the TIOBE index, the popularity of Java has fallen at some rate. This change in rank might be due to the existence of the coronavirus. Many embedded and the medical device uses C and with the growing use of the Internet of things, C will continue to be a demanded programming language.

Jan 2021 Jan 2020 Change Programming Language Ratings Change
1 2 C 17.38% +1.61%
2 1 Java 11.96% -4.93%
3 3 Python 11.72% +2.01%
4 4 C++ 7.56% +1.99%
5 5 C# 3.95% -1.40%

Both Java programming and C are equal to delivering excellent performance while building apps and games. It may be possible that the use of Kotlin by the android developer has diminished the popularity of Java programming. Although it helps to solves complex problems in a basic way but learn C programming never fails to amaze us even with low-level capabilities. Start learning them today if you want to learn the development of the operating system, compilers, databases, and much more. For more updates and guides, stay connected to us.

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