Car Accident: What to Do If You Can’t Return To Your Job?

We have discussed various solutions in this segment when you’re unable to work following a car crash. We illustrated here disability insurance alternatives where you can apply for such things as EI benefits, CPP disability benefits, and statutory accident benefits. Then we’ll advise you on how to apply for legal assistance from Grillo Law firm.

When you unable to return to work after a car accident?

Severe car injuries may change your life forever. You can never have the same sort of life that you had before the accident, even though you are fortunate enough to survive. Car accidents cause extreme changes in life from outrageous hospital costs, pain, and suffering to work loss. The lack of a career is the most adverse effects for single breadwinners.

You have several choices when you have taken days off work due to a major injury following a car crash. Speak to your car accident attorney to protect your rights and ensure that your income loss is adequately covered.

Employment Insurance Programs

Your employer may offer you some form of disability benefit in an insurance program. You can qualify for this benefit if you have been employed at the time of the injuries, or your regular earnings per week have been reduced by more than 40% and you completely meet the sickness benefits qualifications.

Canada Pension Plan CPP Disability

Persons under 65 may contribute regularly to the Canada Pension Plan. So, if they are involved in a car accident that causes them to be disabled, they can get benefit from them. You can only qualify if the damage leads to a ‘severe and prolonged’ disability. However, you must have contributes for 4 years out of 6 and 3  out of the last 6 years (for those who have contributed for more than 25 years).

Income Replacement Benefits

This is a mandatory provision in all car insurance policies, and the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule provides these benefits. 104 weeks following an accident that caused you to be disabled you will receive payments every two weeks through your insurance policy. This benefit has a maximum limit of $400 per week; it is designed to replace a proportion of your lost revenue. In most cases, the amount you are eligible for depends on the annual revenue. You must consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to help you browse all these choices.

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