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Divorce is the most difficult decision that a couple has to take and while assisting them every lawyer should be careful. A normal divorce settlement will be very upsetting but if there are other things involved like children, debt, and properties it will be more complicated.

In order to deal with divorce cases in a better way, only graduating as a lawyer is not enough. Having prior experience is a must for a divorce lawyer Spokane in order to solve the case in a way everyone is satisfied.

When to hire a divorce lawyer?

Many people will not go to a divorce lawyer and instead, they will ask an experienced family lawyer for some advice and help. But if the case has situations like below it is always better to retain a divorce lawyer in Spokane.

  •     If the relationship they are having involves abuse from any of the main parties.
  •     If the person suspects that their partner is lying or they are being vindictive.
  •     If the spouse has already consulted or hired a lawyer
  •     If the divorce involves children it is always better to hire a lawyer as that will help to deal with the case in a smooth manner.
  •     If either of the people has huge assets or financial issues.

Requirements for filing a divorce in Washington

In order to file a divorce, all these below-mentioned requirements have to be fulfilled.

  •     One spouse should be a resident of Washington or they have to be in Washington if he/she is a member of the armed forces.
  •     The spouse who wants divorce should accept that their marriage is broken
  •     The couple should wait for at least 90 days before filing the divorce
  •     One of the spouses is served with a notice from the court asking for a divorce.

Issues related to parenting and custody of children

When parents are taking a divorce it will be difficult for the children and even the parents will be devastated as they will not get the complete time with the children from now onwards.

The best way to solve this is to establish a child custody agreement in the presence of a divorce lawyer Spokane. This agreement will help in protecting their relationship with children in front of the court and they will devise a plan for the perfect parenting plan.

Once the divorce is finalized it is mandatory that both the parents should follow this child custody agreement and live following those conditions.

Conditions on which the property should be divided

When deciding on how to divide the property all these things should be considered.

  •     The combined property in area and asset value.
  •     The area and type of separate properties
  •     The duration for which the couple is married.
  •     Economic conditions of both people involved.


In order to understand the complexities of divorce an experienced and knowledge-based divorce attorney is required. Those lawyers can understand and deal with all types of people for protecting the elements without compromising the facts.

For filing a petition for divorce both the parties have to disclose all their assets, incomes, and debts.

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