Facing termination is not an easy process. Sometimes being terminated from your job can take you by surprise. Suppose you feel your termination was not just. In that case, you should set up a consultation with a Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto. The main aim of this consultation is to help you to determine what your rights are and the remedies you could avail with context to the prevalent employment laws. During your consultation, they would answer all the questions you might have about your dismissal and try to find solutions to your problem. Here is how the consultation could be helpful to you.

Was there a just cause for dismissal?

During the consultation, the lawyer would listen to your cause and help to accurately tell you if the employer had sufficient reasons to terminate you from your job without any proper notice or severance instead of notice. Was there enough subordination or insolence to justify cause for dismissal? Did you receive enough and an adequate number of warnings? Was there a big enough conflict that would warrant dismissal? Was your absenteeism sufficient to warrant a dismissal?

Are you offered a termination package?

When you are terminated from your job, you would be given either a notice period or a severance package in lieu of notice. This severance package is also known as a termination package. If you are being offered a severance package, the lawyer would be able to accurately tell you whether the package being offered is you is fair or not.

Has there been a change in your job?

The employer has changed your job, job functions, duties, pay, or title. Have you experienced the employer engaging in unfair and abusive conduct against you, which is making your workplace intolerable, and you are micro-managed? Are you receiving false and unfair criticism? If you are going through this, then you may be going constructively dismissed. The lawyers would be able to guide you through the process of negotiations.

What to do when leaving the employer?

Once you have been dismissed from your job, certain questions might arise. What are the steps that you should take before leaving the employer? How much notice are you required to give to the employer by the law? Would you be allowed to take steps to compete? In the workplace, which documents belong to you and which belong to the employer? These are just some of the questions which might arise when you are leaving your employer. The lawyer would answer all your questions about it and all the things you might need to take with you when leaving the employer.

 How important is the summary for dismissal?

The court requires a contextual approach, so they would see whether there was a cause for summary dismissal or not. During your consultation, the lawyer would advise you of the factors that the court has considered in the past, which have helped determine whether there was sufficient cause to warrant summary dismissal.

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