Elementary Pre-Med Prerequisite Courses

Students say that they’re pre-med to let others know about their career goals and to make sure they’re taking the correct classes to get into med school.

The most important requirement for medical school acceptance is strong academic performance, and an exceedingly low GPA or MCAT entrance exam score can sink an aspiring doctor’s chances, according to admission experts.

Medical schools often use grades and test scores to ensure that prospective students have the technical knowledge necessary to thrive as medical students.

“Pre-med” is the term people use to show that they want to go to med school and are taking the classes they need to get there. It’s primarily used by college students. There isn’t actually a major called “pre-med;” pre-med is just a term to let people know you have plans to be a doctor.

As a pre-med, one of your most important responsibilities will be making sure you take all the prerequisite coursework required for med school. Each med school has slightly different requirements, so you should absolutely make sure you research each med school you’re interested in early on as a college student to make sure you’re on track to meet all their requirements. In general though, at Kansas City premed school you will have to take the following classes:

  • One year of biology with lab
  • One year of general chemistry with lab
  • One year of organic chemistry with lab
  • One year of physics with lab
  • At least one semester of biochemistry
  • A math requirement (some schools require calculus, some require statistics, some require both)
  • One year of English

Remember, these are just the bare minimum of Kansas City pre med school classes you need to meet basic requirements for med schools. You’ll likely need to take significantly more classes to meet the requirements for your major and fulfill the requirements/recommendations of all the med schools you’re applying to.

But you never want to stop at just the bare minimum. You want to show med schools that you’re motivated to learn as much about the health field as you can and that you’ll be entering med school with a strong knowledge in a variety of subjects.

At a good Kansas City premed school expect to take several science classes each semester in order to be fully prepared for med school. Examples of other classes you might take include genetics, public health, ethics, microbiology, human physiology, psychology, sociology, writing classes, and foreign language classes, to name a few.

If you tell your Kansas City pre med school advisor that you’re a biology major, he’ll focus on making sure you get all the requirements for that major completed, but if you let him know that you’re a biology major and also pre-med, he’ll work with you to also ensure you take all the classes needed to apply to med school.

Similarly, if you’re applying to jobs or volunteer positions and state that you’re a pre-med, the people looking at applications will know that you plan on becoming a doctor, and they may be more likely to offer you a position that’s related to the medical field.

Besides academic merits other factors come into play such (as) life experiences, volunteer work, research, letters of recommendation, how they perform at the interview etc. Many schools want to see that the student has had real-life experiences such as volunteering and shadowing in offices and hospitals.

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