Different Types Of Doors You Can Consider For Your Property

Doors are one of the most important features of any building, providing both security and privacy while also serving as a stylish design element. They are a focal point for many people when they approach the building from the exterior, so you want them to have an aesthetic quality. With so many types of doors available on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. Below are some different door options that may suit your property that you can consider installing.

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors are the most common type of interior door, and you usually make them from a thin layer of wood or fibreboard with a hollow interior. They are lightweight and affordable, making them an attractive option for those on a budget. However, because they are not as durable as other doors, they are best used in low-traffic areas such as bedrooms or closets.

Solid Core Doors

A solid core door is a type of door that offers superior durability and noise reduction. You make these doors with a solid wood core covered with a layer of wood veneer or laminate, giving them a stylish and sophisticated appearance. Solid core doors are ideal for high-traffic areas such as entranceways or hallways and can also be used to create a more secure and private environment within a home or business.

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors are more expensive than other doors, but they offer superior durability and aesthetic appeal. They are made from a single piece of wood, which is why they are sometimes called “single slab” doors. They come in various styles and finishes, making them popular for traditional and contemporary interiors and suitable for residential and commercial use.

French Doors

French doors are a popular option for homeowners who want to create an elegant and sophisticated look in their homes and are common in older properties. They are typically made from two hinged panels that swing open from the centre, and you can make them from various materials, including wood, glass, or metal. French doors are ideal for connecting rooms or providing access to outdoor areas, and they can also be used to create a more open and spacious feel within a home.

Bi-Fold Doors

A currently fashionable option is installing bi-fold doors to properties, which open the side of a building to the outside world. They help unite the interior of a home with the garden and can help extend the usable living space of your home. They also let in ample daylight, helping to brighten your property, and using modern materials ensures the glazing is energy efficient. Bi-fold doors can be an excellent addition to a property and increase its curb appeal.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a space-saving option for those who want to maximize the use of their interior spaces. They are typically made from glass or wood and slide open along a track rather than swinging outwards like traditional doors on a hinge. Sliding doors are ideal for small spaces such as closets or bathrooms, and you can also use them to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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