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E-commerce is a popular way of selling products. Many people are using e-commerce websites to sell their products and services. There are many benefits of using e-commerce websites. The following are some of the reasons why people like to use e-commerce websites:

  • Sellers can gain more profits in e-commerce because there is no need for them to hold inventory or pay for advertising costs.
  • E-commerce websites also give sellers the ability to reach a wider audience than they would with traditional retail stores, which means that they can sell more products and make more money without having to spend as much money on advertising or marketing campaigns.
  • E-commerce websites also allow sellers to get feedback from customers quickly, which helps them improve their business practices over time and increase sales over time as well.

Use The Best Seller Tools

In order to gain more profits in e-commerce, sellers should consider using software such as Jungle Scout and Zonbase. Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that helps sellers find profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay. Zonbase is an inventory management tool that tracks sales and other important information about your inventory.

More About Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout was founded by Greg Mercer wherein it started as a remote company. This tool has received many positive reviews particularly with its features that help seller find their niche and get a boost on their profits. Here are the pricing and plans for Jungle Scout:

  1. Basic

This single user plan is priced at $29 monthly or $349 annually. It comes with full access to the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users and as well as a Review Automation core tool.

  1. Suite

This is the most favored Scout Jungle plan which comes with the basic features plus access to advanced seller features and more keyword data and historical product information. The Suite plan is priced at $49 monthly or $589 annually.

  1. Professional

The Professional plan is priced at $84 monthly or $999 annually. It comes with the Suite plan features and can include up to 6 users. It also has priority onboarding, 6 months of data in the Production Tracker and 2 years of keyword data.

More About Zonbase

Zonbase was founded by Kevin David who was a top-ranked seller in Amazon. Here are the service plans offered by Zonbase:

  1. Standard

The plan is priced at $37 monthly or $444 annually. It comes with a chrome extension and other features such as the following:

  • ZonResearch
  • Keyword Base
  • ZonTracker
  • Sales Estimator and a lot more
  1. Legendary

The plan is priced at $67 monthly or $804 annually. It comes with the standard features plus other add-ons like the following:

  • 3 Store Integration Alerts
  • 250/day Listify
  • 3 Store Integration Profits and a lot more

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