A Stairlift Rental Will Cause Minimal Damage to Your Floors

A stairlift rental is a perfect option to make your home more accessible. Is a family member visiting who cannot physically navigate stairs? Is your spare bedroom on the second floor? A stair lift will make your home more comfortable for your family members. They will not feel left out when the rest of the family goes upstairs or down into the den to enjoy family time. Your family members can remain independent and not feel like a burden asking you for help every time they want to access a different floor.

Will a Stair Lift Rental Damage My Floors?

The most common question customers ask is if a stair lift rental will damage the structure of their stairs and/or the floors. The stairlift brackets will hold the track above the floor. Because the brackets are set above the floor, they should not damage your floors or carpet.

Do Professionals Have to Remove My Carpet?

Installation does not require the carpet to be lifted. The screws will go through your carpet. The screws are small and will not leave large holes. Once the stair lift is removed, there may be indentations left in your carpet. Direct sunlight causes your carpet to fade. When some areas of your carpet are covered by brackets and others are not, your carpet may appear to be different colours once the stairlift is removed. If you have further questions about your specific floor type, the supplier that installs your stairlift rental in Coventry can give you more information.

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