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The high volume spot UV curing system is an elevated, multipurpose, hand-held or fixed-mount uv light for curing adhesives, coatings, and potting materials. The UV curing system, with its distinct power source, is ideal for a variety of applications requiring a portable equipment UV lamp. Depending on the adhesives and substrates, its high lamp output and intensities provide outstanding curing results in seconds. UV Spot Cure Systems can be plugged into a standard 230-volt outlet.

Comprehensive bench-top system

 For a range of curing possibilities, UV Spot Cure Systems can be supplied with rod lenses, single or multi-pole light guides in numerous widths and lengths. UV spot-cure devices direct optimal curing energy to a specific location. They can be utilised manually by a user or integrated into a high-speed automated assembly line in a comprehensive bench-top system.

Benefits of UV Curing System

High volume spot UV curing system is a high-performance UVspot-curing equipment. A controller with a new complete touchpad and up to four UV heads make up the system. The medical, consumer electronics, automobile, aerospace and defence, optical, and appliances industries can all benefit from the system.

Featured with Battery-operated design

High volume spot UV curing systems are used for adhesive spot curing and general inspections are manufactured. Battery-operated design, replaceable swivel probes, automatic timed operations, low battery alert indication, and 12mm and 4mm UV curing probes are just a few of the features.

Manufacturers may get the curing versatility they need with a UV spot curing light system that is smaller and more efficient. With this revolutionary design, users can adjust the system to their specific curing needs by selecting from 3 distinct wavelength UV emitters for the best cures.

UV Curing chambers are environmentally sustainable

The UV curing chamber is the cold light system that provides heat-sensitive material that is also environmentally sustainable. UV curing is a very practical drying method. Certain UV-curable materials, on the other hand, are heat sensitive. This makes it impossible to use standard UV lights to enjoy the benefits of their quick curing speed.

Replacement bulbs are provided

Ultraviolet lamps are of extraordinarily high quality and consistency. They provide the maximum possible productivity and professional life by using only the top standard materials and careful processing. They provide replacement bulbs for all types of systems, as well as a large selection of end caps and bespoke alternatives.


UV curing spot lights cure UV and visible light-curable adhesives and coatings in a fraction of a second, usually less than 10 seconds. In the medical, industrial, electronics, automobile, and optical industries, Spotlighting for R&D labs as well as low- and high manufacturing applications are mostly recommended.

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