The Ultimate Guide to Hunting for Every Type of Animal – Plants

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about plants that attract deer and other animals. We will discuss the most popular ones and some lesser-known plants that can help you hunt for any animal.

In addition, we’ll include a list of 4 plant-based recipes that are perfect for cooking what you’ve hunted!

Number #1: The first one is deer corn.

This is one of the most popular plants to attract animals because it’s very common and easy to find. Deer love eating corn, so this makes for a great bait to hunt them with!

Make sure you don’t use too much, though, or they will get sick off of it once they eat all that you have planted around your home. Another plant-based recipe you can make using deer corn is these delicious stuffed mushrooms.

Number #2: The second type of food that attracts many kinds of animals is apples.

Many hunters like to set out apple trees in their yards because they work as an effective hunting tool and provide healthy snacks when eaten at any time throughout the day.

Make sure to pick an apple tree that is big enough for the animals you are hunting, or else they will not enjoy eating from it. Do check wildtree.co for some more information on this!

Number #3: Another plant-based recipe using apples includes these delicious muffins.

The third food item on our list is corn stalks. While deer love their corn too, some prefer to hunt with corn stalks because they can be just as effective in attracting them and provide more than just one meal when eaten.

These can be found pretty much anywhere where there were once growing crops in the past.

Number #4: The fourth type of food item on our list is acorns.

While not as popular as other types, these have been used for centuries to attract deer and animals that enjoy eating nuts or seeds from trees. Make sure to use a lot if you’re going after the larger game because they won’t come near your area unless there is enough!

You should also only set out where you want them around your house, so it doesn’t get too messy outside – squirrels will help keep those pesky rodents away, though!


In conclusion, it’s very important to have a variety of plants around your area so you can attract any animal that comes near. While they will come near you for food, they will stay close to your home if they find that the plants are an easy way to get their next meal.

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