Some Bizarre Vape Juice Flavours You May Wish To Avoid

Vaping is something that millions of people worldwide enjoy using, and it is also an excellent way to help you quit smoking. Although the long-term effects of vaping are still unknown, it is still much healthier for you than inhaling thousands of toxic chemicals you find in cigarettes. There are various flavours of vape juice from which you can choose, which can help enhance the experience and make it more enjoyable. However, there are also some stranger flavour concoctions that people make, which you may or may not want to try, and some of the stranger ones are below.

Garlic Flavour E-Liquid

Garlic is something that we commonly find in many dishes and cuisines throughout the world, and it is a flavour that many people enjoy. However, even though you may enjoy the flavour combination in your food, is it something that you would want to vape? Someone thought it would be a good idea and created a garlic flavour vape juice that people can buy. It may be the perfect choice for keeping away vampires or unwanted attention, but many people find the smell of the garlic e-liquid overpowering, which is enough to put them off trying it.

Butter Flavour E-Liquid

Butter is another food that we all know and love unless you are lactose intolerant, and we use it in cooking and spreading on sandwiches and toast. However, would you want to vape something that tastes only of butter? As much as you enjoy the taste of butter when you are eating, it is not a flavour of vape juice that immediately springs to mind. It has a sweet and creamy taste that many people enjoy, but it is not quite butter or margarine, so it is unlikely this flavour profile will ever catch on.

Black Pepper Flavour E-Liquid

Many of us love to season our food with black pepper, and it is so popular that someone thought it would be an excellent idea to make a black pepper vape juice. Vapers who have tried this flavour vape juice say it is a strong and bold flavour that is accurate and as you would expect. It has a slightly synthetic taste and lacks some depth, but many people say it is an enjoyable flavour to vape.

Tuna Flavour E-Liquid

Tuna is another bizarre flavour concoction of vape juice that is surprisingly available, although you may or may not want to try it. Many people love tuna, and it is a staple on many sandwiches, but it is a novel vape juice flavour that not many people would want to try. The tuna vape juice has a subtle smell to it, and the taste is similar, not too overpowering. However, this fishy flavour vape juice is not for everyone and maybe one that you want to avoid.

These are a few of the various bizarre vape juice flavours you can purchase, but there are many more besides. You can buy these yourself, or you can also consider making vape juice yourself and coming up with some bizarre flavour combinations of your own.

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