Do you Want to Paint your House? Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else

Painting is not just about putting color on the walls; it also means disinfecting the spaces and taking care of your home’s environment. For example, the house can be significantly affected by the extreme weather of the rainy season or the sun’s intense rays. It is possible that these conditions can generate humidity, paint peeling, or cracks in ceilings and walls. A coat of good paint will prevent the deterioration of the exterior of your property and hides those details that had begun to appear.

In addition, a freshly painted property will always have a higher value and attract more buyers. A newly painted property looks fresh, spotless, and like new; it stands out among the properties in the neighborhood.

Professional painters recommend painting every 3 to 4 years. While it is true that if it has been appropriately applied, the paint is of the highest quality and proper maintenance is carried out, we can extend the time without painting up to 5 or 6 years.

However, different factors influence the frequency with which we have to paint our home. Some of the most important are:

The habits of the people living in the house. For example, if there are smokers indoors, tobacco smoke causes stains on walls and ceilings. If there are minor children and pets, rubbing on the walls and colors is more frequent. Oh, and if your child decides to explore their artistic talents on your walls, forget about it!

The use of suitable quality materials to paint the house influences the time that the painting will last incorrect conditions. Still, even more, it affects in this duration to have applied the paint correctly. If someone who has used the color is not a professional, it is possible that the application is not the correct one. In a short time, chipping appears on the wall, less protected areas, humidity stains, etc., causing us to repaint more frequently.

Environmental factors also influence this decision. For example, in rooms with many sunlight, the paint can lose its vividness and intensity faster. On the other hand, in more humid rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, condensation stains on ceilings and walls can occur more quickly.

Dust and everyday friction are common factors in all cases. The dust in the environment adheres to walls and ceilings, causing the paint to lose its luster. On the other hand, the usual friction on the walls with furniture or writings, for example, when moving the curtains or turning on and off the lights, can cause stains and wear on the paint.

Hiring professional painters has the advantage that the job will be done well. However, if something goes wrong, the painter should offer a guarantee to repair or redo it for some reason.

In applying varnishes, lacquers, or other special paints, and decorative effects, a professional painter has the experience, technique, and practice. He also knows which material to choose for each surface and how to use it according to each particular case.

And finally, what many inexperienced painters omit, is what a professional painter does: the preparation of the surface. This depends a lot on the number of coats of paint, the durability of the color, and the overall finish.

If you have taken the courage and decided to paint on your own, that also has its advantages. The first one is that you will save on labor, which is very convenient for the home economy in these times.

Another is that you will avoid the workers’ schedules, doing the work in your free hours, the weekend, or during the vacations. Of course, the work may take longer than expected, although if you buy remanufactured air compressors, you could do it faster and better. And another advantage is the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

If you decide to paint with your own hands, it is better to arm yourself with patience and dedication, enjoy the work, and help yourself with remanufactured air compressors.

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