Important Questions to ask a Crane Rental Company 

When you are planning to start a construction project, there is a lot of logistics and preparedness that requires to be put in place. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner for you to have a successful project the need for cranes cannot be underestimated.

A crane is one of the critical pieces of equipment that ensures the lifting and transporting of materials on the job site is done effectively. It is therefore important to identify the right crane rental company and understand properly their capacities considering the needs of the work.

So, before choosing your crane rental company, here are some of the fundamental questions to ask to help you gauge their capacity.

Do you have the right type of crane to handle the available work?

There are varieties of cranes and each is designed to perform specific types of workload in different environments. Moreover, some cranes are built to lift light loads and heavy loads. It would be a risk when you use a certain type of crane for a purpose that was not made for as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Every customer desires to get a crane company that will begin the work and completes it. If the company you’re looking for the crane does not have it, organizing with them to provide it before starting the project can be helpful and, in an instance, they are unable, renting a different crane company is a solution.

When a crane company rents a piece of equipment to their customer, there are some which come with extra services hence it is useful to investigate. For instance, some will provide transportation, site evaluation, crane operator, and insurance coverage.


The more experience a crane company has the better. Get to understand their reputation, the type of projects they have been involved and the number of years they have been in the business. Asking a crane company some of their past clients, referrals as well as evaluating their reviews is equally vital. How reliable are they? Do they provide a qualified crane operator? If so, is he/she certified by the relevant bodies such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? These questions aim to ensure all the safety measures are observed to minimize any possible occurrence of accidents. Additionally, inquire in case of breakdown during the work who will repair the crane? Who will step up for such cost and any other miscellaneous during the project timelines? Generally, the whole cost of hiring a crane varies from company to company thus requesting quotes from several companies and making a choice can be suitable. Ensure the selected company provides all the required services before conspiring with their offer.

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There are many factors to consider when hiring a crane rental company. Generally, it is crucial to choose a company that will meet all you’re your needs. Regardless of the nature of your project, all the above-mentioned questions will ensure as a customer, you get quality service.

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