A Quick Guide To SEO Careers

 Are you passionate about working in a dynamic and highly competitive field? Do you want to manage your work and your earnings for yourself?  SEO services and opportunities are among the few most promising careers in the 21st century. The demand for online marketing is rapidly growing, and many people seek to work from the comfort of their homes.

As traditional jobs and routines get replaced with modern, fast, and efficient careers, SEO careers continue to attract tech-savvy individuals who want to run their work schedules. This primer is a guideline to the most preferred SEO careers.

What are SEO jobs?

An SEO expert is an online marketer who specializes in creating high-ranking websites for clients in all fields.  An SEO professional analyzes reviews and ensures a client’s website ranks top on search engine results. Search engines leverage algorithms and tools to achieve optimized results. Keyword density, meta-description are some critical SEO tips akin to SEO.

An SEO content creator should be aware of the changing trends in the market and apply only the most strategic tools in their articles. Attending SEO workshops can equip on more on their career demands.

Common SEO Job opportunities

  • SEO marketer- This is an expert who specializes in ensuring a client’s website ranks high n search engines. The higher a website ranks the better the performance of the brand.
  • A business marketing consultant- SEO marketing thriving on diversified content. A marketing consultant may diversify into public speaking and consultancy. A successful business consultant may work on their brand or pay for other business brands.

The role of a business marketing consultant is to help client’s websites rank and remain at the top despite competition in the market. To achieve success in this field, one must be dynamic and adapt fast to the changing trend in the market.

  • Digital marketer- This must be a tech-savvy person who keeps abreast of the social media trends to help implement the most relevant strategic plan in marketing. Driving organic traffic is the greatest challenge for a digital marketer. At times, a digital marketer may have to source for social media influencers to help drive traffic for a given brand.
  • A marketing analyst- is an individual who thrives in working with figures to track a website’s performance per time. A marketing analyst works with others professionals in the marketing department to look for new strategies to enhance a brand’s SEO ranking. To realize tangible results, one has to generate reports, interpret them to the marketing team, and forecast likely markets trends in the future that may affect the performance of a brand.
  • Content writer- is a professional who prefers writing to dealing with figures. The role of a content writer is to provide relevant, up-to-date blogs, and website articles that keep traffic busy reading and interacting with the brand movers.

A content creator can also create videos, add graphs and write reports to enhance the written pieces.

  • SEO team leader- is a manager in charge of the online marketing team. The manager oversees the content writer, the market analyst, digital marketer, business marketing consultant, and everyone else directly associated with online marketing.

To qualify in any of these SEO careers, one must have a degree in marketing or information technology, have a passion for digital marketing apart from other related courses.

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