5 Beautiful Terrarium Ideas from the Singapore Workshop

The Terrarium Workshop Singapore was a success, with many people learning about how to create their Terrariums and then eventually making them. Terrariums are beautiful, easy to make, and require little investment of time or money.

Here are 5 Terrarium Ideas from the workshop:

  1. The Ball Pit Terrarium: This terrarium involves using small plastic balls in a clear container filled with soil. All you need is some glue to attach your plants onto the balls, and you’re done! You can also use small rocks or pebbles for decoration on top of the soil layer.
  1. The Forest Terrain Terrarium: The Terrarium Workshop Singapore also features a terrarium with two layers; one at the bottom for planting mosses, ferns, lichens, and other plants that prefer low light conditions.

The layer at the top is for taller trees such as birches, junipers, or spruces which need more sun to grow.

You can also use mosses as ground cover between the two layers of your Terrarium if you want to create a mysterious forest feel!

  1. The Cute Ant Farm Terrarium: This terrarium involves using an ant farm container filled with soil and some small stones on top for decoration purposes. You’ll then plant succulents and cacti around their base, so it looks like the ants have a garden to harvest from.

The Terrarium is perfect for decoration because of its low height and size – it can be placed on a windowsill or table very easily.

  1. The Terrarium Tree House: This Terrarium is perfect if you want to recreate the feeling of a fairy garden. You can use mosses as ground cover and plant cacti around it, so they look like little trees!

If you have children, this Terrarium would be great for them because its low height means that they’ll also be able to enjoy it.

  1. Terrarium with Terrific Touches: For this terrarium, you’ll start by creating your layers of soil and stones. Then you can put in some small pieces of driftwood or a miniature tree to add more texture to the design.

Choose which idea of a Terrarium works best for you and start building!

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