Why Use Security Labels and Phone Camera Labels?

Digital data is of paramount importance these days, and there’s always this need for innovating new ways to ensure their security in the highest way possible. One such method is the use of security labels that help you identify any label tampering in a high-security environment.

The use of security labels can be many such as to track data, cargo containers, packaging, seal forensic samples, seal freight, used as a security seal in the government offices, or used for blocking phone cameras from taking photos of confidential and private data. These labels are often used to securely seal confidential documents that only the authorized person is allowed to access.

Upon the identification of the person and clearance of the same, the person would be allowed to access the material in the sealed document. Similarly, the labels are also used in corrugated boxes or shipping containers to secure the products from the fear of tampering at the hands of strangers.

If these labels are tampered with due to an attempt of trying to break it open without permission, you can easily know that it has been tampered with and ship it back. It adds a lot of security and protection to every purchase made by you. Thus, it also helps in deterring thieves from breaking into any box and stealing goods.

With the rise in forgery and theft of documents and shipments, the security labels serve as a boon to secure what belongs to you. It is not only useful for the customers but also works great for businesses to help customers gain confidence in the services and products they offer.

Security Labels You Can Trust

Established in 2007, PICpatch, LLC brings a very innovative idea to help businesses and individuals address the growing risk that phone cameras and product and packaging tampering present. PICpatch is a trusted supplier of tamper evident security labels to thousands of major corporations around the whole world.

The security labels created by PICpatch are one-of-its-kind as they are serialized, non-residue, and tamper-evident. They offer the perfect solution for clients who are looking to address any liability issues to protect their products from exposure in different types of settings.

These tamper-evident labels can be applied to the phone’s camera or any other product that may be tampered with. They may be used on any plain surface such as laptop ports, computer lenses, hotel doors, rental cars, liquor cabinets, shipping boxes, and so on to verify whether or not they were opened.

The best part is that total or even partial removal of the labels, even peeling the edges can leave an evident trace that helps the security team identify that it has been tampered with. Each one of the PICpatch labels is sequentially numbered and a simple software can track each code distributed in an organization. Their labels come in different shapes and sizes for various use.

PICpatch now makes New Tamper Evident Universal 2.0 Smartphone Labels, which are undoubtedly one of the best choices for securing modern phones such as the iPhone 11 and 12. These high-quality vinyl tamper-evident camera labels come in different colors, so you may choose from one of the standard designs or get creative. They say that they can custom make any shape and size for your specific needs.

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