Tips for growing the best deer food plot

If you don’t want to buy natural deer food plot trees for sale from anyone, it is actually quite easy to grow one yourself simply by following the basics and taking it step by step. You want to make sure that you grow your raw land into the perfect deer food plot that will attract lots of deer as well as making the environment conducive and nutritious for deer and other possible wildlife it may attract. Here are the basic steps to follow when growing a deer food plot. However, do bear in mind that these tips are to be followed in a sequential other because it depends on others being done already

Choose and make a decision on how many plots you’ll plant and where they will be located

Regardless of whether your preferred plot is large or small, the best advise is to get a big plot of land to increase attraction and nutrition for the deer and also maintaining the right amount of planting so the deer can move around.

Deer food plots are usually bigger than hunting plots, this is because you want the deer to feel safe as well nourished before you start hunting, sparingly. So they don’t feel ambushed. A deer food plot should be about 1/10th of an acre of land, or two or four even. This is big enough to effectively draw deer to your deer food plot.

Ideally, it’s best that your deer food plot is located on the property. This will definitely make your deer feel safe and at home, so they always return after leaving for a while. This basically means that hunting on your food plot should be minimal and sparingly during the rut. When planting your plot, keep in mind that it has to be deer friendly. The safer they feel on your deer food, you have a greater chance of them feeling safer during the the rut.

Decide what to plant in each site

After you’ve picked out a location for you feed plot, you will decide on the type of plant you are going to plant on them. Before this it is important that you carry out a soil test, to determine the type of plants that can grow well on your deer food plot.

Prepare your feed plot for planting and plant correctly

Clear out the area, remove dangerous weed and properties that may affect the growth of the trees, clean out your seed bed of existing vegetation so your food plot can have enough area for growth.

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