The World of Cocktails

How to Start in the World of Cocktails.

There are those who want to learn to make great drinks and have their home bar accessories, so they look for the best bar equipment to gain good proportions, however only having a good cocktail kit is not necessary. Before starting to prepare a cocktail, it is essential to have the workspace ready where all the ingredients and all the bartenders will be placed. Each bottle of base drink or liquor, the tonic, the fruit slices for decoration, the glasses, glasses, strainers, teaspoons and more is what we should initially appreciate. Everything should be well at hand. It is also important, that everything is very cold, the ice is generally going to be presented in large cubes, when you want to cool a glass more you must add more cubes to your shaker and you will see how everything cools faster. It is important that you use measuring glasses so as not to overdo the mixture with exaggerated flavors, only those who already have enough experience are allowed not to use them. The tonic will almost always be the last ingredient you add to your cocktail, just before the selected decoration. You must bear in mind that it is delicately poured over a teaspoon in order to preserve the bubbling of your drink. Finally, remember to experiment endlessly, have fun, and do your best to satisfy the tastes of your client or guests.

Cocktail kit

It is well known that a Bartender must have an extensive tool kit to be able to prepare all the drinks and cocktails that are asked of him at the bar. There are cocktail kits that help while you learn cocktails and allow you to prepare the most common drinks, however there are other bartender tools that are also very important and that help improve the cocktail preparation process. Below we will mention some of the tools and accessories most used by professional bartenders. Shaker The shaker is made up of a special metal mixing glass that is accompanied by a small strainer that fits inside it. There are several types of shaker but most of them are essential in a bar. Bottle pourer many bartenders mention that bottle pourers are one of the most luxurious tools in a bar, as they allow the use of bottles and empty their contents more easily. Long Spoon Of the large number of spoons in Cocktail making, the long spoon is very special, because its long handle is very useful to reach the bottom of a glass, its handle is spiral shaped so that drinks are better stirred and it has a small basin with holes on one side to remove debris.

Basic notions of cocktails

We know that ice is a fundamental part of the ingredients of any cocktail, which is the right one for each drink and what is the amount so that it does not ruin the drink. Believe it or not, we must look for quality ice, because even if it is considered that it only serves to cool the drink. Currently there are four different types of ice that are used in different ways in the preparation of cocktails. Block ice. They are large blocks that take longer to melt and are frozen at very high temperatures. Cubed ice, this type of ice is perfect for drinks on the rocks, as they keep the drink cold. Frappe is simply pulverized ice cubes, being the smallest type of ice, it expands its contact surface, cooling the drink faster, but melting in less time. Sphere ice is very rare to see and get. Factory that makes ice in this form.

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