The Best Way To Protect Your Las Vegas Home From Pests

As beautiful as your home may be, it’s always susceptible to pests and other unwelcome visitors. Let’s take a look at the best ways to protect your Las Vegas home from pests.

Seal windows

Sealing your windows is an easy way to make your home tighter and cozier. If even a little bit of a breeze can get through, that means pests can also get through and infest your home. A closed window isn’t necessarily sealed. Make sure to closely inspect all contact points and ensure that the binding is airtight without any gaps. One good way to do this is to sprinkle a trickle of water near the crack. If water can escape, the window is most definitely not sealed completely, and you should buy further supplies. Keep in mind that water isn’t a foolproof test. Pests can wend their way through tiny cracks and crevices, so you should stand your guard even if the window passes a water test. Pest control Las Vegas is very proficient at sealing windows, which can be particularly tricky in the varying climates of the city.

Eliminate gaps in doors

Similarly, doors can be slightly misaligned, forming gaps and entrances for pests to enter. A door with a gap is not necessarily hopeless. It’s very straightforward to seal up the gap with a common putty from any local maintenance store. In addition, check the doorknob and hinges of the door. People often think the issue with the door lies within the doorframe, when really it lies at the foundation. In Las Vegas, older homes tend to be built with shaky structures. Hold each door by its handle and jiggle it firmly. If you notice any gaps or unusual noises, you’ll want to seal it up immediately to prevent pests from entering. This is easier said than done; pest control services can often be your best bet when it comes to faulty doors.

Eradicate ant trails

Ant trails are the source of many pest invasions. At first glance, cleaning up ant trails removes insects from your home just like all of these other methods. However, locating these ant trails also provides you with valuable info as to where other ant nests lie. In addition, sweeping up ant trails disrupts the movement patterns of these pests and protects against future trails. While ants might seem like the most harmless of creatures, they can cause long-term damage to the wood flooring of your Las Vegas home. When cleaning up ant trails, always make sure to spray water on the surface afterwards, almost like a power wash. This will remove any remnants of the trail that could urge ants to return to your property.

Home remedies are possible, but for a more comprehensive solution, contact pest control services such as Ace Pest Control. They will be able to identify entry points for pests and have the best resources to tighten things up.

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