E Commerce Choices for the Business Options

As for e-commerce, the organization of an online store is a relatively simple and quite profitable business. For example, according to the magazine, Secret Firms, the most profitable types of business at the moment are tourism, sale of household appliances, auto parts, coupons, electronics, food, clothing and shoes.

Where to start a business: first steps to success

So, after choosing a niche for starting a business from scratch, the stage of creating a business plan begins. You can compose it yourself, and in the absence of proper knowledge and skills, it makes sense to seek help from a consultant. A business plan can be written in any form, but it must necessarily contain the following (real, not fantasy) information:

  • There are characteristics of products or services (assessment of strengths and weaknesses). It is the market research (supply and demand).
  • Forecast of production and sales of goods and services.
  • Financing needs, raw materials, equipment, personnel, and office and storage facilities.
  • Marketing strategy and pricing policy.
  • The organizational structure of the enterprise.
  • Financial plan (forecast income and expenses, “cash-flow”).

On a note

Market research is primarily intended to assess the degree of competitiveness. It should also include an analysis of the dynamics and volume of demand is it stable, seasonal or dependent on any other external conditions, what is the current trend downward or upward? By the way, you can evaluate the popularity of gadgets and household appliances using the “Internet inflation” project from the market. You need to have more info for you now.

When starting a business from scratch, the central issue remains financing. In general, this task has only a few solutions. The simplest thing is opening at the expense of our own accumulated funds. In the absence of such, you can get a loan from the bank. Finally, find investors for your project. However, this option is relevant, rather, for medium and large businesses (unless, of course, the spouse or other close relative or friend does not appear in the person of the investor).

So, when all the preparations are completed, you can proceed to the registration of the enterprise.

Company registration: get official status

It provides for several legal forms of business entities, as well as tax systems and regimes. An excursion to a new business should begin with these starting points.

Choice of legal form

The most common forms of business organization are:

IP (individual entrepreneur) the legal form for the activities of individuals, which does not imply registration of a legal entity. It is the simplest: for IP does not require accounting and tax reporting. All that is needed is a personal income statement. At the same time, an individual entrepreneur has the right to hire workers.

LLC (limited liability company) the legal form for the activities of legal entities. In this case, the authorized capital of the company is divided into shares, while the participants are liable only to the extent of their shares.

JSC (joint-stock company) involves the union of several persons or companies, each of which makes contributions to the authorized capital of the company. The authorized capital is divided into a certain number of shares, the amount of which sets the limit of liability of each partner. Moreover, shares cannot be transferred to third parties without the consent of other shareholders.

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