Four Signs That You Need a New Business Website

A business website is probably one of the first things that you need to come up with as soon as you start your business. The website is a platform with many advantages to your business; for instance, it allows you to advertise your business online and get feedback about your goods and services, among others. However, like any other technological tool, the website will need to be updated and renewed from time to time to help keep up with the current trend. Luckily, proper observation, it is possible to realize when it is time to replace the website before it is too late. Here are some of these signs.

Slow Loading Speed

One of the factors that will help you retain many customers and have a high SEO rank is if you have a high loading speed. For this reason, if your website has a slow loading speed, then it could be causing harm to your business. You could try methods to help increase the loading speed, such as changing the image font or size or reducing HTML requests, among others. However, if the speed does not change after such attempts, then consider contacting a web angency and get a new website before it is too late and you start losing customers.

You Have a Low SEO Rank

Ideally, when you have your website on the internet, you will strive to get it to the first page of search engines such as Google, among others. If you have a poor SEO rank, your target customers will not find you, and your competitors will be ahead of you. You can opt for strategies such as improving your content or increasing your load speed to help raise the SEO rank. However, if there are many issues on the website leading to the low rank, then you can consider getting a new website. This way, you will be in a position to design the new website in such a way that you will have a high SEO.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Though there are many smart devices that people can use to get online, a good percentage of people use mobile phones. This means that most of your target customers will learn about you through their phones. For this reason, if your website is not accessible through phone or its features are not mobile-friendly, then you may be losing some potential customers. With a new website, you will ask the designer to design something that has a good, responsive design, thus making it accessible to all people, including those using smartphones.

It Lacks CMS

CMS, content management systems, are some of the paramount platforms where you can build your website on. Through the use of CMS, you can easily navigate menus, edit, or create new content on the website. Without a CMS, you will rely on a developer to help you anytime that you need to make a change on the website. Therefore, invest in a new website with CMS features and save a fortune.

Your website is an essential marketing tool for your business. However, if you are operating with a non-functional website, it could end up causing more harm than good. Above are some of the signs that you will have on the website when it is time to get a new one.

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