Why you need a cloud asset management software before your rivals do

No matter which industry your organisation operates in, the business processes and operational methods have undergone a tremendous change in recent years. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has further made a case for automation and touch-less management processes. For an Australian fleet operator brand like you, it is extremely important to evaluate whether you have the right asset management software in place.

The dynamics of fleet operations change very rapidly and are directly impacted by social, natural, and governmental conditions. The pandemic is a clear demonstration of how drastically things can change in this sector. Hence, as a fleet operations manager, there is always plenty of stuff for you to deal with. Whether it is ensuring that the drivers are safe from the virus or not, ensuring that the deliveries are not delayed to looking after the fleet maintenance needs, all tasks are equally urgent and demanding. Therefore, the solution you need must go beyond conventional on-premises asset management software. What you need is world-class cloud fleet management software.

If you are wondering why you exactly need to switch to a cloud-based fleet management software, then let’s share with you some of the advantages of such a software.

  • Streamlining and consolidation of operations: A world-class fleet management software is a customized solution for fleet operators. It can streamline and bring all your operational processes such as vehicle induction, management, real-time tracking of the vehicles as well as maintenance schedule monitoring for the entire fleet into one single dashboard. Thus, you get unprecedented ease and control over the entire operation.
  • Limitless mobility of cloud: A legacy asset management software (like the one you might still be using) could shackle your operations into set processes and access limits. On the other hand, a cloud-based software would give you any time, anywhere access which is ideal for a large-scale fleet operator.
  • Real-time access to analytics and reporting: An asset management software from a leading service provider will offer you customizable dashboards with real-time insights into your fleet operations, automation of MIS delivery, and real-time tracking of Work Order status as well as the tracking of your vehicles on integrated maps. Thus, you will not be blindsided by anything.
  • Fleet retirement: A fleet management software keeps a track of your vehicles’ entire lifecycle and helps you optimally plan when to retire which vehicle and what is the current usage data as well as the condition of each vehicle.
●       Maintenance: A good cloud-based fleet management software will come integrated with a workshop module that will ensure complete visibility and management of the workshop operations including inventory management, spare parts status, and billing options.
●       Resource optimization: The software will offer intelligent AI trip-vehicle matching based on the types of vehicles and their cargo compatibility. Thus, you will automatically get to know what to load on which vehicle.

The benefits of an enterprise asset management software are immense, and using the right software for all your fleet management needs can empower your organization to achieve its goals in a better way. Go ahead and discover the power of a cloud fleet management software to scale your business before your rivals do!

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