Why purchase a 2020 Ford Explorer

Sport utility vehicles are prevalent for most drivers. It is because they offer seating and cargo  space that you will not get with a sedan. They tend to handle OK weather conditions and adverse road. Their large sizes make the drivers to feel safe. Visit the Ford Explorer for sale to get the Ford Explorer 2020 and the below are some of the reasons why you should go for this particular vehicle.

It has the Ford Co-Pilot360 which is all-inclusive

It is a package that the Ford has created of driver assistance system that is advanced coming with all the trim levels. The package has the lane keeping system which alerts you when you drift from one lane to the next of the traffic, a camera for the rear view, and an automatic emergency braking. These unique features tend to give a boost to the confidence of the driver as they know that the vehicle has everything to prevent accidents and collisions.

A parking assist that is active which changes your experience for parking

Do you imagine having to get into the parking space quickly by the use of a button? If you decide to buy the Ford Explorer 2020, its Active park assists 2.0 is one that comes with a standard on the trim level.

The only thing you will need to do is to push a button, and the system will be able to find a space for parking that is appropriate for you and alert you when the right time comes for stopping, and the vehicle will be placed in neutral.

When it happens, you will then hold the Active park assist button and the Ford Explorer which will maneuver itself into the various spaces. It is a system that will also help you to get out of spaces that are very tight without the need to damage someone’s vehicle or yours.

The new limited hybrid option

The Ford Explorer 2020 overhaul brought with the limited hybrid model that has 3.3 L hybrid powertrain and it is something that is impressive deserving some spotlight. If you are looking out for a hybrid SUV, then this one might serve you well. According to the estimates of EPA, it can be able to tow about 5000 pounds, and it is suitable for off-road terrain. It is possible to drive the SUV 500 miles before the gas stops.

It is an SUV with the style

The redesign of the Ford Explorer 2020 is one that mostly focuses on the interior, and it is something which shows. It is a vehicle which you will enjoy driving around, especially due to the lush materials, the placed buttons that are strategic, and the overall comfortable and welcoming feel in the cabin. As a driver, you have the option of having to upgrade to tri-diamond perforated seats of leather and a twin-panel moonroof which offer a great view of the sky.

Another noticeable change on its exterior is the presence of the new grill that reminiscent sports car. The roof line and the angles that are on the exterior are well pronounced with the headlights that have LED lighting combine to give it an attractive look and eye-catching.

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