Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer: What You Ought To Know

What is your definition of sexual assault? According to a Toronto sexual assault lawyer, sexual assault is any sexual assault behavior that takes place without the victim’s consent. Unfortunately, sexual assault in Canada is more prevalent than you might imagine.

Sexual assault affects people of all ages and genders. According to Ernst Ashurov, some of the key things that constitute sexual violence include the following: rape or penetration of victim’s body, forcefully making the victim unwillingly do sexual acts, and unwanted sexual touching. Besides, according to a Toronto sexual assault lawyer, sexual assault can also occur to people in intimate relationships. This is a kind of domestic violence.

  • Types Of Sexual Assault Lawsuits

There are two varying routes of legal action against a sexual assault. It can either be a civil lawsuit, criminal lawsuit, or both. These two have some differences. As such, you should know more about each lawsuit and then discuss them with your Toronto sexual assault lawyer.

  • Criminal Sexual Assault Lawsuit

If there are criminal charges filed, the state is then responsible for holding the perpetrator accountable. Criminal sexual assault lawsuits can result in felony as well as a jail term. However, a criminal lawsuit doesn’t mean you cannot pursue a civil sexual assault as well. In criminal sexual assault, the prosecutor must prove that the perpetrator committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. The victim doesn’t heavily participate in the criminal lawsuit proceedings.

  • Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit

According to a Toronto criminal lawyer, in this kind of lawsuit, the plaintiff has more power. The victim is allowed to choose where the case should go to the trial or do some settlement. Unlike in criminal assault cases, in civil lawsuits, a guilty plea is not normally the focus. The lawyer will try to prove that the perpetrator is liable for damages or losses.  As such, the focus is more on liability. So, in civil cases, the lawyer needs to prove that the defendant is not likely the cause of losses.

  • What To Do If You Are Sexually Abused

For most people, figuring out the next step to take after a sexual assault isn’t easy. However, Victims of sexual assault should report the case as that will help them recover and regain a sense of control.

So, knowing how to report sexual assault can help you feel more ready for anything. Reach out to your Toronto sexual assault lawyer to get more information concerning sexual assault, and he will provide you with the necessary resources and information about getting started with a sexual assault lawsuit.

  • Hire A Sexual Assault Lawyer

If you are sexually abused, you need to hire the right Toronto sexual assault lawyer. To look for the right one, you would want to arrange for a consultation with several lawyers and then narrow down the list to one. Ask for recommendations and referrals. You would also want to know how long the law firm you are considering has been in operation. Make sure you get answers to all your questions before choosing a particular law firm.

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