International Travel Hacks: Avoid These Mistakes to Become a Pro Traveller

Planning to travel overseas, but aren’t accustomed to international travel? Mentioned here is a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid while booking an international air ticket.

Whether it is your first international trip or the hundredth, a mistake while booking tickets can cost you dearly, you might get caught up in a foreign land with passport or visa issues, wrong travel details, or simply end up paying more than you should have.

To help you sidestep these most common, but crucial errors that even experienced travellers make, given below are five flight booking mistakes to avoid before your next trip.

  1. Entering the Wrong Traveller Details or Destination Name

Entering the wrong passenger name or passport number while booking tickets in a hurry can create visa problems, last-minute problems at airport check-ins, or worst, lead to last-minute cancellations. Hence, you must check whether the details entered are in correspondence with a legal identity proof before confirming the booking.

Here are some tips to avoid common errors.

  • While booking, keep your passport handy so that you enter the correct details.
  • If you are booking an air ticket to a city with a common name, double-check if you have entered the correct one. You could end up in Birmingham, Alabama, instead of Birmingham, UK.
  • Re-check your flight details once you receive your e-ticket confirmation email.
  1. Forgetting to Factor in Ancillary Costs

Cheap fares on air tickets can be tempting, but not always economical. What may appear cheap at the beginning, can turn out to be expensive with the add-on hidden costs. Before confirming the booking, make sure that you consider the baggage and seat selection costs, food expenses, etc. After you factor in all the secondary fees you would have to pay, along with the fare, you can compare with other airlines to find the best deal for yourself.

  1. Not Checking Transition Visa Rules for Transit Flights

A transition visa is a temporary, non-immigrant short duration visa. Depending on your nationality and destination country, you may need a transit visa to switch planes in a foreign airport, especially if you have to change terminals. For a hassle-free journey, you need to understand the transit rules correctly and abide by them. You can contact the embassy of your destination country or the intermediate airport country for precise information.

  1. Forgetting to Check Your Passport Expiration

Many countries require your passport to be valid at least six months after your entry date. So, check your passport expiration date before booking a ticket. If the validity is going to expire soon, apply for a renewal at the earliest. Once your passport is renewed, you can proceed towards the flight booking.

  1. Missing Out on Award Miles

Holding a membership to a flight booking website earns you award miles on the bookings that you make for yourself and your loved ones. You can redeem these miles and spend it on flight bookings, hotel reservations, shopping, dining out, or even refuelling your car. Miles can bring down the cost of International Flights Booking considerably. You could avoid missing out on these award miles by signing up for a loyalty reward program, and regularly redeeming these reward points.

Get Set Go

Errorless ticket bookings, valid legal documents, and landing the best deal will make your journey worth the while. Keep the above points in mind while booking an international air ticket to ensure a hassle-free travelling experience.

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