What Are the Different Stanchions Used for Controlling the Crowd?

In order to guide and direct patrons for executive meetings, often stanchions are used that offers hassle-free way for controlling the crowd.

You can certainly create orderliness by using crowd control stanchions in all kinds of environment such as banks, restaurants, lobbies, shopping centers, museums, retail stores, airports and showrooms etc.

In this article, we will discuss about the main features which separate any deluxe stanchion from those of any more economically priced stanchions.

  • Economy stanchion

For limited budget option for crowd-control posts, you can prefer to choose economy stanchions which are having retractable belts. Usually, such belts are of very thin fabric strips with belt clips at its end.

They are with pre-wound inside any built-in locking mechanism. This type of belt is available in 6’ to 7’ in length and available in black fabric only.

Also, such economy stanchions have typical metallic finishes e.g. silver aluminum, brushed stainless steel, black powder-coated steel and also polished stainless steel.

Metal for these posts can be either steel or aluminum. You can re-arrange the public guidance layout whenever you’d like.

  • Octagonal stanchion

Another new design for crowd-control available is octagonal stanchion post. They will offer sharp geometric lines, which is an interesting twist from traditional designs.

These stanchions can be in matte black or satin silver and offers softer look in their appearance. This stanchion also offers locking mechanism that is built for retractable belts.

Belt length can be 9’ to 10’ and longer belt lengths will help you to cover more distance due to fewer stanchion posts. Besides, there are few color choices present for the belts, like blue, black or gray.

Due to few additional colors, you are not limited to only plain black belts, which is offered with economy versions only. These octagonal stanchions can be considered as a step ahead of the economy posts because of the features available.

  • Deluxe rope stanchion

This is considered as high-end stanchions that consist of posts that is crafted from thicker material having higher-quality of metal finishes. Finally, in this class of polished gold stanchions they make their appearance.

Few more deluxe features available include non-marking rubberized base for protecting floors, and also elegant metal caps for topping the stanchion posts.

By doing away with thin fabric belts, deluxe stanchions can offer velour-covered ropes having decorative metal hooks at its ends.

Color choices for ropes are many, that is just a thing for a better match with the crowd-control system and interior décor of your establishment.

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