5 Coolest Things to Try in Denver Right Now

If you have lived in Denver for a few weeks or maybe years, maybe you are a tourist or just visiting for exploring the bars, restaurants and hikes and making the most of the experience here. Denver has everything for everyone and has the best views everywhere. So, if you are in Denver, here are the coolest things you can do:

  • Check out the local produce at the farmers’ market

Just like you go for hiking and brewery hopping, shopping for local produce is also one of the best pastimes here. You may find a range of farm fresh food waiting for you. You may find bags of Palisade peaches, weirdly shaped squash with unique names and big bouquets of sunflowers. These markets are packed with more than fruits and veggies. They are also the main place for trying other local products.

  • Explore the amazing street art

The streets of Denver are now a lot more colourful. Just have some free time to check the eye catching instances everywhere from alleys to underpasses to the outsides of huge businesses. The first Friday of every month is the best time to check the Santa Fe scene.

  • Try the Rocky Mountain oysters at the oldest restaurant of Denver

The Buckhorn Exchange is the oldest steakhouse serving in town since 1893. You may find 575 pieces of taxidermy with a lot of stories to be told from a history of presidential visits and a lot more. And they do serve the oysters which are breaded, fried and served with horseradish dipping sauce that is simply next level.

  • Time travel back to fifty two 80s

There are many thrift stores and antique shops located in the own. But there is a shop that can offer you the best 80s nostalgia. There are toys and memorabilia that features My Little Pony, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a lot more. If you have played with such toys in your prime, you will love this place a lot.

  • Attend a legendary concert

There are many big venues and also small venues for an intimate experience. If you love Jazz, visit the City Park’s summer jazz series and free options at new Levitt Pavilion. Denver loves music, outdoors and beer. And also don’t forget to attend the music museum in Colorado for an amazing experience. Make the most of the Mile High Experience.

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